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Channel Partner Benefits

Solution, Team, Time, and Relationship

The Solution to the Real Problem

Organizations can gather vast data about their networks more easily than ever. However, few have the manpower and experience to translate that data into timely and effective responses to potential threats. Even fewer have the expertise in-house to adequately assess and mitigated risk against ever evolving threats in the first place. One more software subscription alone won’t solve the real problem your customers face. Recon InfoSec can.

24x7 Access to Industry Leaders

Recon InfoSec is a highly respected team of cybersecurity professionals. It is the creator of OpenSoc, the DEFCON Black Badge Event, and SOC X, the premier global incident response and security operations competition. Recon trains the best operators in the world. As a channel partner you’re not just offering your customers the solution they need, but access to one of the best teams in the world to deliver that solution.

A Growing Need and Opportunity

As organizations accumulate data, as teams become more distributed, and cyber threats grow in sophistication and frequency, professional assessment, protection, and response will only increase in demand. By offering the capabilities of Recon InfoSec to your customers now, you’re positioning yourself to grow your recurring revenues with this growing need.

A Committed Partner

Recon InfoSec does not partner with everyone that applies because we don’t use the word “partner” lightly. As a channel partner you would receive ongoing training and resources to educate your customers and sell the services they most need. You would become a part of our ongoing success, as we hope to become a part of yours.
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What Our Clients are Saying

“Organizations of any size would benefit”

“We consider Recon InfoSec our business partner and one of our main resources for IT security. We believe organizations of any size would benefit from working with them. Their people were great to work with, knowledgeable, and very professional.”

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