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Enterprise Cybersecurity Requires Three Recursive Steps:

  1. Protect. Implement proactive measures to safeguard critical data and systems that keep your enterprise running efficiently and safely.
  2. Detect. Stay vigilant against threats by monitoring systems and keeping up-to-date on trends.
  3. Respond. Take swift action and leverage deep expertise to mitigate damage when incidents occur.

Your Team Covers What It Can, But There Are Gaps.

Most likely, your organization already covers some of these steps: you make strategic decisions, you have some controls in place, your IT team helps out. But you may not have adequate time, team, or budget to ensure you are fully covered. And that makes you nervous.

If you were to handle protection, detection, and response measures inside your organization, it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in salary alone, not to mention the related technology costs. Partnering with Recon helps fill these gaps at a fraction of the cost.

Recon Cybersecurity Partnership Fills the Gaps and Saves You Money.

We know that it takes more than monitoring to secure your information. That’s why we scale and personalize our approach to your enterprise’s unique needs.

With our team at your side, you’ll get access to our expertise and skills—as well as our vigilant threat monitoring service—to keep your data safe and your systems protected. Plus, we’ll immediately respond to threats as they arise.

Add Our Expertise to Your Team

When you bring us on as a partner, we’ll work with the technology and people you already have to continuously improve your security.

By partnering with Recon InfoSec, you get more than monitoring. We provide guidance to protect your systems, tools to detect threats, and a security operations team to respond immediately to keep you secure. Your team will have direct access to our wealth of experience, innovative solutions, and comprehensive services to safeguard your enterprise. We tailor our solutions to you, without asking you to give up control.

Your team will continue to:

Make the important decisions about your security.
Manage your controls, network, and devices.
Implement strategic initiatives.

We will support you by:

Developing proactive security initiatives for your team to put into place.
Offering strategic guidance on information security frameworks and priorities.
Collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data from your existing traditional and cloud environments.
Detecting threats, triaging alerts, and responding to incidents.
Maintaining and expanding a custom threat signature library to keep pace with the latest emerging threats.
Providing security operations support

See How We Compare.

Recon InfoSecRecon Shield
Comprehensive Information Security Assessment
Network security device management
Security device monitoring
Deploy tailored agents and sensors
Host and end-point security monitoring
Log collection, storage, and analysis
24 x 7 monitoring, alerts and response
Integrate with existing security stack
No outside licensing requirements for logging/aggregation/SIEM
Triage by analyst
Incident validation and notification
Client specific threat signatures
Proactive threat hunting
Guidance for remediation
Root cause assessment and mitigation recommendations
Dashboard for tracking threats and response activity
MDR = Managed Detection and Response, MSSP = Managed Security Service Provider
Bold items are Recon Cybersecurity Partnership (CSP) only
Recon Shield

Trustworthy Enterprise Security Partners.

“The Best Kept Secret in the Industry”

“In just a short time, my staff is very comfortable with the solutions and monitoring we are recovering. The Recon InfoSec team is standing guard. They help me choose, deploy and monitor security related procedures and tools for our company’s specific needs. They are the best kept secret in the industry.”

Vice President of Technology

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Gain a Cybersecurity Partner.

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